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Courtship Tips
How to Build Relationship Resilience

Relationships are constantly in the mode of rupture and repair.  How do you keep relationships from falling apart and end the emotional revolving door? Build resilience into your relationship.

Courage of Character
Character Before Charisma

It is natural for individuals to be drawn toward attractive persons.  People consciously or unconsciously use looks as one of their main deciders when entering

Courtship Tips
Emotional Infidelity

In recent times many relationships have gone through crisis as a result of what individuals perceive as infidelity on social media.   More and more people

Men's Issues
How to be a good husband and father

Some ambitious young men who are seeking to get into a serious relationship usually ask a particular question that always causes me to think deeply.

Men's Issues
My Concept of Men and Money.

I have no scientific or research information to give you on the subject of men and money.  I have only my experience to share on

Heat can work for you or against you. It all depends on how you allow the challenges in life impact you. The health and pressures