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How to Argue Properly

Arguing is an art.  Very few people have been able to master that art.  Most people allow the issue to make them argue involuntarily.

Courtship Tips
How to Repair Broken Relationships

Relationships are constantly being ruptured and repaired. You will never escape that pendulum ride. Learning how to repair the ruptures, is one of the keys

A set back is a set up for a come back

A slingshot is quite an interesting weapon.  In order for it to be effective, it must be pulled back a considerable distance and released in

Are there blessings in receiving

We have been taught from very young by our parents that we should be good givers.  Our religious teachings promote freewill giving.  No one discounts,

Stop Procrastinating

Many people constantly procrastinate and give themselves a lower standard of living than they should enjoy.  They also lose out on many opportunities to take

Release your powerful potential

Most people live way below their real potential. Potential is massive power to accomplish something but you have not yet done so. It is your

Junk in the Trunk

Have you ever seen a slick vehicle with an attractive paint job, good tires, clean and expensive interior but when you go to the trunk