Laws of Relationships: The Law of Investment

There are many laws that determine the success of relationships. These laws may apply to any personal or professional relationship. In this article I wish to share with you; the law of investment. 

Everyone who invests expects a return on their investment.  There are certain principles that guide such investments.  Firstly,  you invest in someone who would bring good returns to your life.  Never invest in someone who you feel has no worthy contributions to provide to you.  If you are going to invest in a car investigate before you invest.  Know that the car is roadworthy. If you are buying a house, know that the structural integrity is sound.  Invest your heart and your life in someone who improves you and contributes to making you a better version of yourself.  Why do you think you need to be any less vigilant in your own personal relationships?

Secondly, good investors know they must invest before looking for returns.  Some people get into relationships hoping to receive first.  How can you expect a harvest without first offering the ground seed? How can you drive a vehicle without first giving it fuel?  Invest yourself and your resources first and then expect your returns. If you invest first in the person and the person does the same, you are in a win-win relationship.  We live in a selfish world where people expect first before they consider giving.  The good book says “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Thirdly, investments take time to mature.  Be patient,  it is not an overnight activity. Learn to wait and see the fruits of your investments in people and organisations.  Fast turnovers are not necessarily the best, but as a seed is in the ground you must await its due season for harvesting.  Do not be like so many who try “get rich quick” schemes only to realise that they lost their investment; or those who enter intimate relationships and before long they are bolting out of it to begin the cycle with a new partner.  Investments show profits and losses. Stay and appreciate both. 

John C. Maxwell said to use the 60-40 rule.  Invest 60% in your relationship and expect to get back 40%.  You cannot go wrong.  When you get back more you are elated. If you get back 40% you are not disappointed. 

Be a prudent investor.  On your job, give more than you expect from your employer.  In your family do not be hasty to be rewarded, recognised or praised for what you do.  Some people take long to appreciate your worth, just be consistent, it would not be hidden forever. Invest your best in your relationship because it is the right thing to do.

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