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How to Build Relationship Resilience

Every relationship goes through its own measure of trauma and stress.  Relationships are constantly in the mode of rupture and repair.  How do you keep relationships from falling apart and end the emotional revolving door? Build resilience in your relationship.  Resilience is the ability to withstand pressure and stress.

Memories:  That’s one of the main areas of resilience.  It is important to amass many fond moments.   Don’t be lazy in your relationship.  Make the effort to be spontaneous and to create priceless experiences. When the relationship is going through rough times, and rough times it will come, it is the memories that will hold it together.  They also contribute to keeping your spouse from straying. 

Emotional security.  This is when you feel that your partner has your back.  It is that comfortable sensation you experience knowing that when you are happy or have achieved something important, your spouse rejoices with and for you.  When you are sad, angry, or feeling down and out, your spouse is empathetic and close by to comfort and reassure you.  Emotional security creates intimacy between spouses. It makes you feel that you not only love your spouse but you are in love with your spouse.

Latitude: That is an imaginary line around the earth.  It is also the imaginary rope that we give to people, hoping that they do not stretch the rope to its limits. Ever heard the saying, “The longest rope has an end”? That is latitude.  The freedom we allow people to have without setting boundaries for them.  Let them set their own boundaries after lovingly considering what would and would not work for the relationship.  Relationships should not have to be rigid. Let freedom reign.

Trust:  This is the glue that holds relationships together.  With everything you do, do not breach trust. If you do, repair it quickly, genuinely and decidedly.  People who live in trusting relationships are more contented, motivated and supportive of their relationships.  Trust must be consistent and not adjusted according to time and situation. Keep trust alive

The foregoing tips are the acronyms MELT, (Memories, Emotional security, Latitude and Trust) Melt your spouse and that is the new way to spell love. 

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