How to be a good husband and father

Some ambitious young men who are seeking to get into a serious relationship usually ask a particular question that always causes me to think deeply. That question is, “What do I have to do to be a good husband and father?” I am always intrigued by questions like these. It tells me that the person is thinking progressively and is futuristic.  I shall attempt to answer such a question here for all those interested in my answer.  While it is not the only answer, it is an answer that I believe works. 

  •  Serve your spouse.  I have never known any relationship that claimed happiness and success when partners seek their own interests and ignore those of their spouses.  Happiness comes from seeking the happiness of someone else.  A great motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar once said, success comes from serving others and how well you serve them.  Every business person understands that to stay in business requires a very high quality of service to customers.  No different when it comes to successful relationships.
  • Don’t just do what is expected. Do what others never expect.  Another quote that I love from Zig Ziglar is this, there is no traffic jam on the extra mile.”  Not too many people go beyond their duties to achieve happiness in themselves and in life.  It is on the extra mile you feel a sense of personal relevance and benevolence.   Do more than most; reap the rewards that few enjoy. Your family will love you dearly for it.  Christ said to husbands, “Love your wives as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it.” That road has free-flowing traffic. Certainly no traffic jam there.
  • Plant yourself in your family.  Why? Because family matters.  Every child craves to be like daddy.  That want to boast about him, mothers adore their men who spend quality time with the children, training them in new skills, having fun and just being a dad.  The fun memories children have with their fathers live with them way into their adult years.  In fact, it is said that most boys grow up to be like their fathers and most girls marry men like their fathers.  Leave a legacy of yourself in your children.  Someone explained the difference between legacy vs inheritance.  They said, “An inheritance is what you leave for your others. A legacy is what you leave in them.”

These are three broad-encompassing postures that I believe help every type of successful relationship. Feel free to add yours and write me to let me know what they are.

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