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After a breakup; You have great come-back power!

Not every relationship will result in wedded bliss.  Even those that get to marriage, some still fail.  However, that is not the end of the road. Life has so much more to experience, restore and enjoy.

As men and women, we need to appreciate that some relationships fail. A failed relationship does not mean that you are a failure.  This arrangement just did not work out for you and your partner.  It is a painful thing to move on when it is clear that a relationship is all over.  Some people take it as a personal rejection and feel abandoned.

It is important to have self-awareness.  Know your feelings and thoughts, it prevents overreaction to the reality that the relationship is going south.   It is common for someone who is going through a breakup to be conscious that friends, family, co-workers and even your enemies, may be secretly gossiping about you.  It is not uncommon for persons to feel a sense of incompetence; after all, “I can’t even keep a relationship.”

Make no mistake, the emotional pain is strong, confusing and complex.  Only the person going through it really knows the true extent of emotional pain. No two people ever feel the same extent and impact of pain.

Be assured that God has given you a wonderful ability to come back from any extent of pain.  Everyone who experiences a breakup has the resilience to recover.  God will never allow someone to go through more than their capacity to endure.  You have come-back power.   Maybe, just maybe, God has a more wonderful spouse awaiting you.  Maybe you needed this experience to mature and refine you for that person who deserves you.

Accept your pain. Accept your loss; but, yourself for your next promotion.  Every good student must pass the test before being elevated to the next stage of life.  Your past hurts and mistakes will not destroy your chances for a wonderful and greater future.

You are stronger than you can imagine.  Do not be doubtful of yourself.   Focus on your inner healing and not your outward scars.

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