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How to Repair Broken Relationships

Relationships are constantly being ruptured and repaired. You will never escape that pendulum ride. Learning how to repair the ruptures, is one of the keys to successful relationships.

Relationships rupture when the connection between two people break. However, ruptures can provide opportunities to rekindle and rejuvenate stale, routine, mundane relationships. The willingness to repair ruptures is evidence that there is still life in the relationship. Therapist  Bonnie Badenoch says 30% of relationship is experienced as romantic and sensual. However, 70% is about rupture and repair. Shouldn’t we therefore put more effort in developing the skills to repair ruptures?

The question is, how do we repair broken relationship. Well, the way we communicate in relationships may require reviewing. When couples want to relate with each other, they oftentimes depend on words. Their words may be emotionally charged and the growth of the relationship thwarted by practicing poor choice of words. It is said that in communication, only 7% of words convey our message, 23% of our message is in our tone, but notice that 70% of communication is in our body language and facial expressions. To repair broken relationships may require reviewing the communication factors that we use, that may be messing up our message.

Another important aspect of repair, is being vulnerable. That is a difficult word for some people. One lady told me that she trembles whenever she hears the word. To her, it means exposing herself to hurt. That may be so, however, in order to repair brokenness, some amount of vulnerability is necessary. By that I mean, leaving one’s self open to the other person. No defense or offence. Just being open to reach out and reconnect. It may mean taking responsibility for something that went wrong or apologizing for saying something hurtful. Being vulnerable is humbling. Sometimes the relationship is more valuable than winning the fight. Let’s repair our broken relationships.

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