A set back is a set up for a come back

A slingshot is quite an interesting weapon.  In order for it to be effective, it must be pulled back a considerable distance and released in order for the stone it propels to achieve its greatest thrust and trajectory.

I find that to be a wonderful analogy to experiences in life.  There are times that despite your best efforts and planning, incidents happen.  The vicissitudes of life often bring so many situations your way that life may appear in some strange way to be cruel and mean.  According to Thomas Hobbs, life is nasty, brutish and short.

The sudden and unexpected pains and disappointments of life have caused so many people to live lives of frustration, anxiety and fear.  More persons are victims of anxiety attacks, sleeplessness and other growing health issues.   A recent survey revealed that over 9 million American adults are consuming sleeping pills regularly.  This survey states that the users are mostly educated older women.   Many users do so in an effort to cope with the ravages of life.

Life has many ups and downs that distract us from our dreams and aspirations.  The growing incidence and different varieties of cancer would set one back if one were to become its victim and it would also be a setback if a loved one suffers from this dreadful disease.   Certainly, a serious illness would take one’s life down unknown paths for an indefinite period of time with uncertain endings.  This could take its mental and physical roll on anyone regardless of how strong or motivated that person may be.

Yet, sickness is only one of life’s setbacks.  There are so many others including a financial crisis that leaves a person unable to pay bills and fund their dreams.  An emotional occurrence such as a broken love or family relationship could send a person’s life for a loop and leave many deep scars.

Whatever you are set back in life, you could either be consumed with depression or you could remember the slingshot.   As the slingshot, your seemingly unfortunate circumstances could be setting you up for a significant comeback in your life.  The story is told of a young boy whose dream was to become a doctor.  He was getting excellent grades and everything was in place for his dreams to become a reality.  Then, tragedy struck.  His father, who worked extra hard to make enough money to send his son to study medicine, succumbed to a massive heart attack.  His mother, an unemployed but dedicated wife and mother was devastated but she went in search of employment.  She worked three low-paying jobs per day.   At the end of each day, she was extremely weak and exhausted.   The stresses of life, work and caring for her son began to take their toll on her health.  Less than one year of the passing of his father, his mother’s kidney failed causing her to go on dialysis and she could no longer work to help him achieve his dreams.

What a setback in life.  His dream of becoming a doctor faded each passing day.  This young man dropped out of school to care for his ailing mother.  He accepted whatever manual work he could get.  His many journeys to the hospital to see his mother and his tears at her bedside attracted the attention of the doctor who came each day to attend to his mother.  The doctor was young, married and successful but had no children.  The story goes on to say that the doctor too lost his father at a tender age.  Over time the boy and the doctor became close friends.  With a gleam in his eyes, he told the doctor of his dream to qualify as a doctor one day.

One month later the boy’s mother died leaving him an orphan.  The doctor adopted him and provided everything he needed to attend one of the top medical institutions and complete his education.  Today that boy is a successful medical specialist and his earnings are among the top of anyone in the field.

Though he experienced the pain of losing both his parents, it was providential that he met his adopted parents who facilitated his dreams.  His setback was indeed a setup for a comeback. Expect yours too.

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