Are there blessings in receiving

We have been taught from very young by our parents that we should be good givers.  Our religious teachings promote freewill giving.  No one discounts, therefore, the virtue in giving, after all the Bible itself quoted Jesus when Paul himself reminded us of his statement, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I wish to challenge your minds a bit however and focus on the blessings in receiving.

I admit that it is indeed more blessed to give than to receive.  The translation means  “It is happier (or richer) to give than to receive.”  The point I wish to make is that it did not say that there are no blessings or happiness in receiving. It is just that there are more blessings in giving than in receiving.

What is the blessing in receiving? Well, for one thing, it is the receiver who blesses the giver.  It is the receiver who brings happiness to the giver.  Yes, God is the one who blesses overall, that is a fact.  Consider for a moment, where does the happiness in giving come from? I wish to suggest that it comes from the gratitude of a receiver.

You see you cannot get a giver without a receiver.  If a receiver rejects the gift of a giver there is no giving because you cannot force a receiver to receive.   It is therefore the open heart of a receiver to accept a gift and be grateful for it that makes a true giver happy.  The more thankful the receiver the more it brings joy and happiness to the giver, making the giver want to give more.  Even God calls for us to be thankful for things we receive and to praise Him for all he has given to us. It is a good thing to give God thanks.  God is happy when we receive in thankfulness and God is grieved when we are ungrateful.  God’s happiness is generated from those who receive properly.

How would you feel if you sacrificed and bought clothes for somebody who was in need and that person scoffed at you and threw away the new clothes you bought for them? How would you feel?  Of course, the average person would feel that that person was ungrateful.  The happiness of the giver is tremendously reduced.  The receiver has taken that away.  You may continue to give because it is the right thing to do, but you do not have the same level of happiness as if the person were thankful.

The same applies if you do something for your spouse and he/she does not receive it with gratitude.  Our happiness in giving comes from the gratitude of the person receiving.  The reason therefore it is MORE blessed to give than to receive is because not only would the giver feel happy by giving, but God blesses givers so you have a double portion of blessings.

The people who are often more grateful for your gifts are usually those who are more in need of them.  People who do not need are less grateful to receive. That is why giving to those who have does not carry the kind of blessings as giving to those who are in need.

If you have accepted the foregoing, then you must accept the fact that people must learn to be good receivers as well as givers.  Our training says give but do not receive. No one wants to be a burden to others or to feel they are needy so we refuse offers from people who really want the joys of giving to you. When you refuse a giver you have robbed him/her of the joys and blessings of giving. If we all give, who would receive and if we all received who would be the givers?  Some people reading this article need to learn to be gracious receivers and not feel guilty about it. In fact, it may even be selfish to give and not receive since the person who wishes to give to you seeks a blessing or happiness.  Do not rob them of that joy. There is blessing in receiving.  Be a good receiver and bless others with what you receive by giving. It is a continuous cycle of giving and receiving.

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