Stop Procrastinating

Many people constantly procrastinate and give themselves a lower standard of living than they should enjoy.  They also lose out on many opportunities to take their circumstances to greater levels.
Procrastination could be defined as the art of putting things on hold; the avoidance of making decisions or the fear of confronting what must be confronted. In other words when one procrastinates he/she is delaying the important while doing the unnecessary.
You could delay marriage to that certain person so long that you may lose him or her. You could delay your responsibilities at work, your group or home so that people no longer can rely on you. You are no longer a candidate for promotion because you do not deliver or do not deliver on time. People become cynical when you talk about achieving stuff. Are you all talk and no action? Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby said that “Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage.” Wayne Gretzky said, “Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.” Stop procrastinating!  Do what you must do, confront the things that you have been avoiding. They will not just disappear while you pretend they do not exist
If you are a procrastinator, why do you procrastinate so much? A possible answer is because you are operating under the pleasure principle. The pleasure principle is when you tend to pursue mainly the things that bring you pleasure but may not bring you betterment. Not everything you like to do is necessarily important to do. There are some things in life that you must do that you may not like. For some people studying for an exam is not pleasurable but may be necessary and important in order to give you a better life in the future. The discipline of eating healthy and exercising regularly takes some effort. Delaying the start of your exercise regime and the change in your diet could just lead to the inevitable onset of lifestyle disease. It is only when a doctor says to you that you are sick and that you must make an adjustment or else. You can either voluntarily control your sweet tooth and salty foods now or do so by force later in life. So in effect, you only procrastinated till you are at a point where you have no other recourse but to do what you tried to avoid doing. That is called procrastination but with a very high price.
Another area in your life in which you may be procrastinating is the use of your time. Time is precious. You must use the time in your day to accomplish something new and greater than yesterday. You should not use it unproductively. Use 80% of your day doing something that advances your life in some way. That is why God said in the Old Testament to work six days and to rest one. A six to one ratio is a good ratio to live by. Use more of your time producing and enough to rest, relax and recover to go again. Some people use the six to one ratio but they rest six days and work one.
Next time you are on a treadmill, look at the time you are on it and while you monitor the time try to increase the speed you are running on the treadmill. Notice that it is possible to increase the distance you cover with an increase in speed but the time goes no faster. You can only increase the things you accomplish in a given period of time but never the amount of time you have. That is why you should not waste your time because once you spend the time you do not get it back.
Another reason you may be procrastinating is because you are experiencing what psychologists call cognitive dissonance. That is the struggle of giving up what you want to do in order to do what you know is the right thing to do. The will to stop is weaker than the will to continue what is not helping you. Someone once said that you will only change when “The pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same.”
Paul said in Romans 7:19 to 23 that the things he wants to do he does not do and the things he does not want to do that he does. He called himself wretched. In other words, you will remain doing what you are doing unless you are convinced that changing what you are doing is easier than continuing down your old path. That is why a person who drinks excessively or takes drugs has difficulty stopping. It is easier to continue even though he or she knows the ills of so doing. That state of indecision paralyzes you from taking necessary action to improve your life significantly unless a crisis hits you hard to convince you to move. This crisis could be your secret life being exposed, an illness, an accident or the hurt to others close to you.
Some people are chronic procrastinators. They miss job opportunities because they never did send off that job application, they did not put deadlines on activities, so they have been known not to complete work on time therefore clients do not trust to hire their services.
Stop the procrastination in your life now! It gets you nowhere, fast! Do what you should do today, set timelines to get them done, stop your negative self-talk and talk positively to yourself.
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