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Most people live way below their real potential. Potential is massive power to accomplish something but you have not yet done so. It is your possibility waiting to be activated by you. If you understand and accept that you can achieve infinitely more than you do now then you will not waste time complaining about what you do not have and go seize your opportunities or create them yourself.
While people argue and bemoan their circumstances they allow themselves to be distracted from where they can reach. Dr. Miles Monroe in his book Understanding Your Potential explains that who you can become is not seen by looking at who you are now. Your true potential is invisible. Seed in the hand of a farmer produces acres of crop, but, only the seed is seen; the potential of a great harvest is built within the seed.
When you look at yourself do not get carried away by your circumstances and limitations that surround you. Look at what is deep within you. Examine what you can achieve even though you cannot see it, look at your potential.
For thirty years or so Abraham Lincoln experienced setbacks, failures, lost many elections, and had a nervous breakdown. Despite all this, he was able to land the job as the President of the United States. What he was going through did not destroy his potential.
I received a call from a woman, in tears, who shared with me her unhappy experiences of losing a relative she loved so much. Soon after that, she had to deal with the trauma of her daughter dying in her arms, then her son got a nervous breakdown and she is in an unfulfilling and fast failing relationship. It is from one thing to the next. Life is like that. But who said that life is fair?
Our family had the sad experience of burying my dear sister not too long ago, she died suddenly. It was a dark and gloomy time for us all. For me, it was even more emotional because she was buried on my birthday. Notwithstanding that, the question I ask myself in times like these is “Did she achieve all of her highest potentials?” Life is too short not to get from life all that you possibly can. She had so much going for her; I wonder how much more God may have had in store and if she accomplished them all. Live the best life you can while you can. That’s why Saint Paul said, “I am ready to be offered and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, from here on there is preserved for me a crown of righteousness that awaits me, but not for me only but for all those who love his appearing.” II Timothy 4: 6-8.
No experience in your life is permanent, good times or bad times. Therefore all things that happen to you are only temporary. When you reach to the point of considering suicide you are now applying a permanent solution to temporary problems.
I want this lady and all of my readers to know that you have greatness within you yet untapped. I want every young reader to understand that settling for less than you can achieve is selling yourself very short. Look past the seed and see the forest that is within the seed. Look past your circumstances and see your abilities, your possibilities, your dreams and your destiny.
At times this is hard because it is hard to see the invisible. What this calls for is a change of glasses. When an ordinary man sees a rock he sees a solid, rough and crude piece of material. When a sculptor sees a rock he sees a statue, a work of art, a design. The statue was always in the rock. It was invisible. One man can see it, the other cannot. The difference is the way each looks at the rock. One man can see its potential the other man can only see what is before him. The sculptor then goes about removing the hard unnecessary part of the rock to reveal the statue that was always there because he saw the potential of the rock. The other man may destroy the rock because he sees it as an impediment in his way.
This woman I spoke of earlier only sees the rocks of her life and wants them removed. Someone else going through this situation may see the opportunities and the growth it could bring about in the areas of patience, trust in God, preparation to help another person, appreciation of life and the challenge to overcome.
If life can get no worse for you and you feel that you have hit rock bottom then you can bounce back up when you hit solid. Your only way now is up.
Some people were on the road to their potential and a few successes along the way made them too comfortable and they no longer go after their greatness with any fervor. Some may finish high school and lose the drive to go to the next step of developing themselves academically. They have the potential but they stop short. Miles Monroe said that success is the enemy of potential. If you succeed then potential is gone for further potential is that which you can achieve but yet have not. Every time you succeed you need to look for your next potential.
Once you have passed that examination, gotten that job, built that house you have succeeded and you must be contented but never be satisfied. To be satisfied is to give up trying harder. Contentment is the appreciation of what you have while you go after achieving what else you can. Only one who is contented with what he/she has would get more and achieve more.
Do you know your potential or are you limited by what you see before you? Let go of your fears, inhibitions and self- imposed stop signs and move into your greatness. Go after what you can become. Don’t live your life looking back wishing it had been better. Live your life looking ahead thanking God for what you are about to accomplish.
You might not be who you used to be but you are certainly not who you can be.
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