Life is a Story You Write Michael A.T. Stewart

Do you like writing stories? Whether or not you do, you write stories every day of your life. You see, the life you have is the manifestation of the story you have been writing from as far back as you can remember.
Every decision you make, every person you allow into your life, every thought you entertain are all used to author this great book called life and each day is a page of that book.
For some people when they read their own story they do not like the storyline, for others, well they are quite excited with the reading. When you read your own story you should give yourself the credit or take the blame for it. No one else writes your story.
Let me share with you two interesting facts; firstly, no one can write in your book except you allow them and secondly, no chapter of your life can be written without your input.
Is it true that one should not judge a book by its cover? The cover of a book is what people see at a glance; it is what you see without stopping to view the inside and without examining the details. Some book covers are attractive while others lack appeal.
The book of your life has a cover. That is what others perceive without getting to know you. People make judgments about you based on the limited information they gather about you. That is normal and natural for everyone. You cannot stop that. We make judgements on strangers who look like bandits and in many cases, it preserves our life and affords us a measure of safety.
People tend to conclude who you are based on a number of surface factors. Their conclusions may or may not be correct but it does not negate the fact that people do judge who you are based on their first perception. Just as sometimes we look at the cover of a book and have no interest in it but realise afterward that it was a valuable book, similarly we see books with attractive covers only to realise that the cover was more interesting than the contents.
You and I are judged every day by how we look, what we say, how we behave and ultimately by the decisions we make. That is the cover of our book.
What we do know is that people would have their own perception of your life based first of all by the cover you choose to expose. Should you not, therefore, take some time to work diligently on the cover of your book? No, it’s not to impress people but to give yourself the best opportunity to make your cover and contents be in congruence. Often what people see in some people may not be what they get out of them. The cover and the book contents are different and misleading.

The book of your life is written a page a day, a chapter a year. Each time your birthday comes around you enter a new chapter. Each day wake up, you begin a new page. What happens if you wrote a chapter you do not like? Well, you cannot erase any page or chapter of your life as life has no going backward. You can however immediately turn a new page and write a different story.
You would be amazed to know that some people repeat the same stories in many chapters of their life. They themselves get bored and frustrated reflecting on their own life’s story yet they continue to write in the same way.
What does one do if they want to change their storyline? Well stop writing and turn a new page in your life. That begins with changing the way you think, for the mindset that caused your problem cannot be the mindset that you use to solve it. Once you change your mindset it influences a change in your behaviour and the decisions you make in life. You cannot continue doing the same old things and get a new result out of life.
Many people have written some bad stories in their book of life and realised that they did not like the stories they wrote and decided to write new stories on new pages and new chapters. These people now share their stories with many to read and enjoy and you can do the same also.
If your life story reads like a sad movie or a horror episode, then don’t keep writing the same old frustrating story of your life. If you write great stories then keep on writing. Whatever you do, keep writing. We are about to enter a new year in less than 30 days. That means that you need to get ready to write a new and better chapter of your life for 2013. Remember only you write your story on your pages and determine how the chapters read. Be proud of your book.

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